Course Canary helps online educators get better feedback from their students and implement it while it's still recent and relevant. Our formative course evaluation surveys collect student feedback easily and anonymously. Sign up today and improve the quality of your online courses.

Identify Issues Early

Course Canary allows students to alert faculty when online content is unclear or not meeting their learning needs. Instructors can also identify technical problems in each learning module that might need to be addressed.

Track Course Quality

Monitor student feedback throughout your course to identify areas that are going well or might need improvement. Compare these results from one semester to the next.

Customize your Surveys

Utilize a variety of question types and display options to customize your feedback surveys. Embed surveys directly in your online course for easy student use.

Evaluate your Whole Course

Once you've built a survey or selected one from our template library, just tell us how long your course is and we'll create a series of surveys to regularly gather student feedback.