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Course Design


Course Canary gives instructors and instructional designers a powerful suite of tools to create, align, and analyze course and module objectives and improve course quality. You can get a full instructional design analysis in just minutes. It's never been easier to integrate backwards design principles into your course to prepare for external review, accreditation, or make your course work better for students.


Write great learning objectives that are specific, measurable, and timely.


Align your course and module objectives to optimize learning.


Scrutinize your course design to improve the student learning experience.

Bloom's Taxonomy

Course Canary automatically classifies course objectives according to Bloom's Taxonomy to help scaffold your learning design.

Robust Reporting

No more chart paper and post-it notes. Course Canary provides beautiful reports on your course design, accessible from any device, including your mobile phone.

Analysis and Alerts

Course Canary provides detailed analysis to identify objectives that cannot be measured, misaligned learning goals, and other common trouble areas.


Get Student Feedback Early and Often

Course Canary formative evaluation tools help instructors get detailed feedback from students every week. Engaging students in an ongoing dialogue empowers instructors to better meet student learning objectives, provide additional content, or fix technical errors that are impeding course delivery.

Course Canary easily integrates with any course management system to make collecting feedback easy and seamless.


Get detailed student feedback that is recent and relevant.


Identify issues early to improve student satisfaction.


Get learner feedback on your educational design.

Course Design Feedback

Course Canary gathers student perceptions of their ability to meet course and module objectives in real time. Use this data to validate or improve your educational design.

Easy and Anonymous

Anonymous surveys powered by Course Canary embed directly within your course content, allowing students to provide valuable feedback related to the specific content associated with individual modules.

Continuous Improvement

By gathering student data throughout a course, instructors can identify patterns in the feedback to create a consistent, high-quality learning experience.

Beta Program

Course Canary is currently in open beta. We're adding new features every day and we need your feedback. Sign up free today!

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